The countryside only 5 minutes away from Montreal!

* Please note that as of September 1, 2020, our riding school will no longer be in operation *



For over 20 years, the Vallée des Bois Stables have been operating in the equestrian world.
Our riding school has grown over the years, giving a multitude of riders the chance to perform on the competition grounds with their own horses as well as with our precious school horses. We have hosted 15 regional horse shows, encouraging the next generation of riders in Quebec.
Today, it is with sadness that we announce the end of the great Vallée des Bois adventure.
After all these years, it is time for our family to take a whole new step by letting go of our beloved stable. We built it with our own hands, we gave it all our love. It's a whole new start!
Know that it has been an honor for us to pass on our passion for horses for all these years.
We would like to thank all of the riders who have crossed our stable's doors since its opening. You are an integral part of our history.
Thank you to our very long-time riders who have trusted us for all these years. You are and will always be part of our big family.
All parents who have spent long hours encouraging their children in their passion, thank you. We keep precious memories of all of you.
A huge thank you to our coaches and employees. Chelsea and Fanny for all the work and all these years spent with us. Léonie for all her good work with the young riders, Anabelle Degrace who is never far away after all this time, Charlotte who takes such good care of our horses and Annabelle Goyer, for her remarkable and unrivaled work. Impossible to forget our two men without whom the stable would not be what it is today: Rémi and Carl. Our gratitude to all of you is endless! What a team!
To our very dear school horses who have done an exceptional job all these years. Several have marked our history. They have taught so many riders over the years. Without them, none of this would have been possible. Words fail us, they are all champions.
Midnight and Montana. It all started with you two. Our loyal allies, our veterans, who are always there and who will remain by our side, both ready to enjoy a well-deserved retirement. Thank you for everything.
A very special thought for our founder: Paul Bernier, who has been and will always be the soul and the heart of our team.
Vallée des Bois Stables, a story, a book, a chapter. We keep precious memories in mind. What an adventure it was!
With all our love,
- Annie, Céline and Jeason.